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 The Rdreamscapes cover jpeg.pngoads We Wspirit walk cover jpeg1.pngalk - Devthe roads we walk cover12.pngice Recolifescapes jpeg2.pngrds 2011   the roads we walk cover21.png   click picture to listen/buy

 Released in 2011, this breathtaking release showcases Todd's amazing variety of  piano styles: from the technical pieces "Illuminations", "The Chase", and "Joy and Sorrow", to the stunningly beautiful "I Can't hold on Forever (inspired by a friend's struggle with illness), "Live in Peace", "Starlight Shore" (part two of By the Starlight), and "Watching the Clouds". It continues with the powerful songs, "Rapture", "Belief", and "Coyote's Dance" (inspired by his Native American roots). 

"Coronation" (originally written for his nephew's renaissance wedding) and "Bohemian Love" (inspired by his trip to Czech Republic - see cover) are wedding marches that he was greatly inspired to write. "Deep Harmony" and "Unwind" slow the listener down with a peaceful  meditative feel. Thanks to Engineer Kevin Penner's studio expertise, "The Roads We Walk" is Todd's best sounding recording to date.                                                                                                                                   

   Come listen to what has been called his greatest work yet!                                                               



Lifescapes - Device Records 2005

With this release, Todd completed the third part of his piano trilogy titled, "Lifescapes, scenes of our lives". In this dramatic collection of fourteen piano compositions written and recorded on a restored 1917 Artimus upright baby grand piano, he masterfully captures the significant milestones of our lives from birth to passing.


With this CD, he captures the beautiful sounds of love with "The Joy of My Heart", "Joline's Walk"

(a wedding march for his niece), and  "Under Starlight". He stirs our emotions with "Looking Back", "What Might have Been", and "Celebration of a Life" (in memory of his sister-in-law). Todd reflects on our passions with "Life's Great Adventure", "Circle of Life" and "A Life with Passion". He captures our imagination with the Native, Western, and Bluegrass imagery of "Black Bear, My Spirit Guide", "Lovelock" (named for the town), and "Passing the Signposts". This album showcases Todd's many different styles and influences and takes his listener on a musical journey. Note: Sheet music is now available to Joline's Walk (a wedding march) for $3.99 USD. Please contact us if you are interested.



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Spiritwalk - Device Records 2003


Spirit Walk is a mystical departure from the previous works of Todd Banks. With diversity of instrument and sound, he composes a unique collection of songs that stir the imagination. Guitar, bass and percussion combine to create music that encompasses Native American, Progressive and Ambient. This collection also presents four vocal performances, including two original Cherokee songs “Spirit Walk” and “Osiyo”. “Osiyo” is a Cherokee father’s welcoming and naming song for his newborn son. It captures the hope and emotion of the bond that naturally occurs. “Spirit Walk” or Adonvdo Aisv is an emotional tribal chant that reflects a journey of the soul. “Cloud People” and “Let Go”, the other vocal performances, demonstrate Todd’s ability to compose insightful lyrics and wrap them in memorable melodies.    


The album also contains seven instrumentals, including “The Dance of Water”, which ranges from smooth and mellow to energetic and powerful. “Teardrops” and “Because of You” are soft and sad while “Spirit Horse”, “Arizona”, and “I Love to Watch Him Run” are fast, upbeat and energetic. Once again, Todd demonstrates tasteful and melodic musicianship with an ear for song crafting. Let “Spirit Walk” move you.         

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Dreamscapes - Device Records 2000

 Dreamscapes flows as a collection of sixteen piano compositions that show the varying themes and moods of this diverse artist. Visit Todd's Cherokee roots in "Black Bear Speaks". Let your imagination go as you float along in "Balloons" or the peaceful grace of "Clouds". Imagine dreams of a  "Dance of a Princess" and take a musical flight with "Bee and Butterfly". Live through the eyes of a child in "From a Small Boy's Window" and "Daydreaming". Experience the passion of "The Hero’s Dream" and "Pure Beauty". Included on this collection is "Softly Spoken", which evolved from the first song that Todd composed as a child. "Swing Set for A Sister" as a memorial to a friend's tragic loss and "Forgotten Dreams" reminds us not to forget what we hold dear. Dreamscapes creates a soothing and rewarding experience for the listener. 


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Landscapes - Device Records 1994

Landscapes, a soothing collection of original piano compositions unfolds with the gentle "Cottage Mists" and "Meadows" and the title song "Landscapes". It builds to the powerful and exciting "Canter Through the Woods" and "River Rapids". From the beautiful "Coming Home" and "War (reprise)" to the dramatic "Climb the Mountain" and "Storm", Landscapes offers a chance to escape to a peaceful yet passionate world. Indulge yourself and enjoy what one reviewer calls, "ambient, relaxing, and meditative music that most composers can only dream of writing".   



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